ORICO 9548RUS3-C 4bay 3.5 External HDD Enclosure with LCD Display

ORICO 9548RUS3-C 4bay 3.5 External HDD Enclosure with LCD Display

ORICO 9548RUS3-C 4bay 3.5 External HDD Enclosure with LCD Display

ORICO 9548RUS3-C 4bay 3.5 External HDD Enclosure with LCD Display

Deskripsi :

ORICO 9548 individual devices can expand the computer shortage of hard disk space, 4 * 3TB = 12TB, can be used to store and process HD Audio, video, pictures, and other large-capacity file is more important is that you can use a solid, secure scalable 9548 series hard disk box as a reliable data backup tool, ideal for enthusiasts, professionals and ordinary users, small and medium enterprises, business people use!

Product application:
Notebook, desktop, server hard disk capacity expansion (such as the storage and playback of high-definition, etc.); Audio & picture editing (such as advertising production, graphic design, large-scale engineering, etc.); Between corporate / school / home computer data exchange, data backup.

Product Features:
★ Model: ORICO 9548RUS3;
★ perfect support 3TB large capacity 3.5 inch SATA1 generation, two generations, three generations of hard drive, 4 * 3TB = 12TB maximum support;
★ high quality aluminum casing to enhance hard disk thermal performance, fashion modeling;
★ Free tools removable hard drives, hot swappable;
★ tray design can help reduce the shock when the hard work;
★ support RAID modes: RAID 0/1/3/5/10/Combine/Clear RAID;
★ RAID 1/3/5/10 automatic reorganization;
★ USB3.0 interface transfer data up to 5Gbps, the backward compatible USB2.0/USB1.1;
★ e-SATA interface transfer data up to 3Gbps;
★ LED indicates the status of the power supply and hard disk read and write;
★ Smart Sleep, energy saving and environmental protection and protection of the hard disk;
★ support RAID Manager software, you can easily set up RAID and view the status of RAID;
★ Built-in power supply, sufficient and stable power supply;
★ overcurrent, short-circuit protection circuit design to avoid damage to the hard disk, the protection of data security;
★ 1 mute fan provide better cooling effect, as well as intelligent control, intelligent sleep, the fan will stop rotating;

Product selling point:
1, all-aluminum luxury to build
Resolute and tough metal temperament
The overall use of full aluminum to create durable, full help hard heat. Surface anodized, showing the fortitude and tough metal texture. Products stylish, the corners smooth handling, giving it a low-key and good temperament.
2, simple operation experience
Tool-door hard disk installation
Tool-free hard drive installation, gently open the door, you can quickly insert the hard disk. And with the door lock to prevent hard drive accidental damage. The hot swappable use provides a more convenient, but also user-friendly ment drives.
3, the expansion of mass storage
Provide greater space for your
Four 3.5-inch SATAI / II / III hard disk, single disk support 3TB support simultaneous reading can be extended up to 12TB of storage space, mass storage, and any of you play, the need to store large amounts of data, business users and high-definition movie players to provide the best storage programs.
4, excellent cooling performance
Dual Fan Quiet Thermal
2 of 60 (L) x 60 (W) x 12 (H) mm fan for HDD cooling, large mesh auxiliary heat. Unique to the the Smart Thermostat governor design, you can change the fan speed according to the hard disk temperature changes, extend hard drive life and low-carbon energy.
5, smart sleep function
Hard disk multi-layer protection
Unique Intelligent sleep function, unplug the cable / hard disk read and write data after five minutes, the hard disk will automatically hibernate, the fan stops, while supporting an instant wake-up, use it freely and beneficial to protect the hard disk.
6, the formation of a disk array system
Hardware switches and software are two ways to set the RAID mode
Support to set up RAID0, RAID1 / RAID10, RAID3, RAID5, Combine, Clear-RAID mode up to six disk array mode, various array mode can demand to switch to meet the needs of different users, at the same time to provide security for the data.
7, placed firmly and properly
4 speaker-level leveling pad
9548RUS3 bottom with four speaker-level non-slip mats products placed more firmly and properly and helps to reduce hard drive vibration excellent protection products quality protection.
8, more intimate design
The skilled details are is to do better
12V/6.5A independent power of multiple hard drives at the same time the use of stable power supply, over-current, short-circuit protection design to avoid damage to the hard disk to ensure data security. Features LED indicator the corresponding drive indicator read the work of the state, doorframe convection design also provides good thermal environment.

Product Interface:

Dual interface speed transmission
USB3.0 + e-SATA faster, more sensitive
Equipped with USB3.0 and e-SATA dual high-speed transmission interface, data transfer one step ahead. e-SATA theoretical transfer rate up to 3Gbps USB3.0 transfer rate up to 5Gbps stable performance to protect the security of data transmission speed transmission priority experience.

Product Features:

Product Name4 bay 3.5 “SATA hard disk storage box

Product Model 9548RUSI3 9548RUSI3
Applicable HDD 3.5″ SATA HDD 3.5 “SATA HDD
Product Interface USB3.0 (5Gbps)+e-SATA(3Gbps) USB3.0 (5Gbps) + e-SATA (3Gbps)
Material Aluminum alloy
Product Size 146(W)×230(D) ×211 (H) mm 146 (W) × 230 (D) × 211 (H) mm
Product weight 2759g 2759g
Hot-swap Support
Support System Window Xp/vista/7 & Mac 10.4 or above (USB3.0 does not support the Mac)
安全认证 Safety certification CE and FCC approval CE and FCC approval
Operating environment Suitable temperature: 5 º C/40 º C Storage temperature: -20 º C/70 º C

RAID setup method:

1, through the back of the fuselage RAID stalls toggle switch to set the RAID
2, set through the computer installation management software RAID

Which more can be set to RAID mode encryption to prevent others clear misuse or damage to RAID mode, resulting in data loss (Note: to encrypt RAID mode, RAID operation equivalent to the operation of the protection password, not for data encryption).

Intelligent sleep function:
9548RUSI3 smart sleep function automatically hibernate when the hard drive and the fan will stop running. You can reduce hard drive power consumption and heat, energy saving and environmental protection.
★ computer is in hibernation over five minutes, the hard disk automatically hibernate
★ 5 minutes read and write data, the hard drive automatically hibernate
★ No data cable to connect more than five minutes, hard drive automatically hibernate
★ Clear RAID mode, the sleep function is invalid
★ management software running, the sleep function is invalid, and the need to close the management software to achieve dormancy

🌟🌟 HARGA IDR 3.225.000,- 🌟🌟


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